Private Credit Income Fund

Flagship open ended fund offering monthly distributions, quarterly redemptions, highly diverse pool of credit assets, achieving a rolling annual return of 13.30% p.a. (post fees).

Fund performance

When you invest in our private credit fund you not only have control and flexibility, but the choice of a secure long-term income through monthly payments or reinvestment plan. Build your personal and family’s wealth through a low risk, high yield approach.

Foresight Analytics has assigned a VERY STRONG investment rating and Product Complexity indicator of COMPLEX

Rolling Annual Return (after fees)


Principal & Interest returned


Underlying credit contracts

Performance of the Remara Private Credit Fund

Month Absolute RBA Active Gain
January 1.01% 0.26% 0.75%
February 0.96% 0.28% 0.68%
March 1.00% 0.30% 0.70%
April 0.99% 0.30% 0.69%
May 1.00% 0.32% 0.68%
June 0.84% 0.35% 0.49%
July 0.93% 0.35% 0.58%
August 1.09% 0.35% 0.74%
September 1.11% 0.35% 0.76%
October 1.11% 0.35% 0.76%

Source: Remara Investment Management. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. See below for defined terms.

Month Absolute RBA Active Gain
August 0.52% 0.15% 0.36%
September 1.06% 0.20% 0.86%
October 0.79% 0.22% 0.57%
November 0.88% 0.24% 0.64%
December 0.97% 0.26% 0.71%

Source: Remara Investment Management. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. See below for defined terms.

Fund & performance documents

Fund Documents

View general fund information including the funds investment rating report.

2023 Performance Documents

View current and historical fund performance documents including the Remara Private Credit Income Fund monthly update report.

Quarterly Market Updates

A comprehensive look at the markets & what may lie ahead.

Why choose our Private Credit Investment Fund?

Flexible, consistent, low risk profile, high return on investment, combined with sound industry experience and commitment to our clients. What’s not to like? Remara makes your money go further. Instead of placing your valuable earnings in a bank that generates a low return on investment, why not consider investing with Remara? Our private credit fund offers clients a low risk investment option that yields higher than average returns.

Fund details

Our Private Credit fund carries a low risk rating and is open to Australian domiciled wholesale investors (as defined by the Corporations Act). We seek to return in excess of the RBA cash rate + 4.0% per annum to investors after fees. This fund is suited to fixed income investors who are looking for high rate of return whilst being able to access their money on a regular basis. Investors can make withdrawals on a quarterly basis (March, June, September, December) during our withdrawal window.

Full fund specifications

Fund Name
Remara Private Credit – Income Fund
Investment Manager
Remara Investment Management Pty Ltd
Trustee/Responsible Entity
Melbourne Securities Corporation Limited
Unit Registry
Apex Funds Services Pty Ltd
Perpetual Coprorate Trustees Limited
Fund Auditor
Ernest & Young Australia
Return Profile
The fund seeks to return in-excess of RBA Cash Rate + 4.0% p.a. after fees
Risk Level
Investment Horizon
Investor Eligibility
Australian domiciled wholesale investors (as defined by the Corporations Act), Family Units, SMSF
Minimum Investment
Monthly – 15th Each Month
Management Fees
0.50% p.a.
Performance Fees
Quarterly fund withdrawal window (March, June, September, and December)

Why invest in private credit?

Private Credit offers investors an alternative asset class to the more traditional investment types such as those associated with equities, real estate, infrastructure and fixed income investments. This allows you the opportunity to invest directly into a variety of loan pools that are not distributed through a bank or broker. Covering a broad spectrum of investment types from opportunistic and distressed debt to middle market investing and specialty finance, that when selected and managed with experience and expertise provides an excellent portfolio coverage, with reduced risk and beneficial growth.

Investing in Private Credit, also provides security coverage over your initial investment (capital) with the yield enhancement of investing directly into the assets. This is one of the reasons why an investment in Private Credit offers flexibility, a low risk profile and a high return on investment.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the fund guaranteed to return a rolling 13.30% annual return (post fees)?

No, the Fund invests into a portfolio of underlying direct loans to borrowers across multiple product and asset classes. The return to fund investors is not guaranteed and is subject to underlying market conditions. The fund has a target return rate of 4% above the RBA cash rate. The underlying return post fees to investors could be higher or lower than the current rolling annual return of 13.30% p.a (post fees).

When are distributions paid?

The Fund will pay monthly distributions on the 15th of each month.

Can I reinvest my distribution?

Yes, the fund offers a dividend reinvestment program.

Can I withdraw money from the fund?

Fund investors will have an open period at the end of each quarter to request a redemption. Redemptions will be completed 15 days after the end of the quarter. Investors should review the conditions around redemption in the Investment Memorandum.

Are the underlying loans secured?

The fund invests into secured bankruptcy remote trusts. The underlying loan portfolio within the trusts are all secured. The fund does not invest into unsecured loan products.

How does Remara manage credit risk?

Remara has established relationships with proven and profitable loan originators and servicers. Remara undertakes a review of the credit policy and sets stringent portfolio and credit parameters to ensure a tight credit structure is maintained. Remara, on a monthly basis, will monitor the ongoing credit of the investment portfolio. Each originator retains a ‘first loss’ position in the loan.

What is the 'first loss' position and how does it work?

Remara has structured its investments to require the loan originator to fund and retain a ‘first loss’ portion of the loan. This means in the event of a credit loss, the originators capital is paid last in the recovery scenario. This results in an improved credit enhanced position for fund investors as the originator is aligned to fund investors with their money at risk ahead of fund investors.

Is Remara a bank?

No, Remara is an investment manager regulated by the Australian Investment and Securities Commission via a Financial Services licence.

Is an Investment into the Private Credit fund covered by the Australian Government deposit guarantee?

No, as Remara is not an Australian deposit taking institution, the investment is not covered under the guarantee.

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