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A more rewarding return on your hard-earned cash.

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As an Australian based Asset Management company, Remara Investment Management is focused on achieving attractive results and helping you make your money go further.

As a business, we currently manage in excess of $700M in funds, offering investments across three key asset areas, private credit, real estate and tactical opportunities, with the intention to increase your personal and/or family wealth. Our investors have the ability to choose their level of investment risk and associated return on investment. Diversify your wealth, reduce your portfolio risk and gain exposure to higher returns.

What Sets us Apart

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    Remara is a co-invested asset management company. What does this mean? We have unwavering confidence in our products and services. We ourselves also actively invest our own money into the investment products we offer our clients. Thus, creating the ultimate alignment of interests and becoming partners with our investors to ensure our clients come first in every decision we make.

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    Open and Transparent

    Our philosophy is centred around complete transparency. We do not achieve results through grey schemes, hidden levers or through taking shortcuts; we invest when we have identified high conviction opportunities. Our success is a result of hard, consistent, analytical work with the aim to always maximise returns and minimise risk. We also offer an exclusive online investor portal for all our clients, allowing you secure access to track your interest payments and returns at any time of the day or night.

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    Direct Investment in Assets and Portfolio Companies

    We take a hands-on approach in all that we do, investing in assets that our team not only fully understand but have control over. We don’t just settle for average returns; we look for unique investment opportunities and where possible investing in companies or assets that are part of our own extended network. This in turn brings lower volatility and typically higher returns than your run of the mill investment products.

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    Our core investment products have been carefully designed to provide our investors exposure to varying asset classes, opening up options for diversification of their investment portfolios without having to go through multiple investment firms. By balancing capital distribution amongst different asset classes with little to no overlap, your overall portfolio risks are reduced.

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    Experience and Expertise

    Our team not only offers extensive knowledge and expertise, but real-life experience. We ourselves have been on all sides of an investment transaction from advisor to sponsor and investor; we know the ins and outs of all facets of the process. We know what to look for to ensure we find the right investment opportunities that not only offer diversification across asset classes but have higher returns and lower risk potential.

Leadership team

  • Andrew McVeigh

    Andrew McVeigh

    Managing Partner
  • David Verschoor

    David Verschoor

    Managing Partner


  • Jingru Huang

    Jingru Huang

    Investment Analyst

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